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E2 - CY-Cyprus - OnlineHE Multiplier event in Cyprus

The event took place at the University of Cyprus on 26 of April. Theparticipants had the opportunity to learn more about the OnlineHE projectdeliverables, including the Toolkit, the training course and national implementations, the eLearning platform and MOOC, the Policy Recommendation Report. An open discussion followed.

The feedback was in general positive, and the participants found the Toolkitand platform particularly useful. The Toolkit can be used by all stakeholders including students, to reflect on the university’s readiness to integrate eLearning. This enhances its contribution and impact on university practices.In addition, the MOOC’s content is timeless and will remain at the forefront, asdigital transformation is at the core of most education organisations, now. The participants have filled in a specific questionnaire as part of the quality assurance of the project.

Detailed programme here: - Multiplier Event Agenda