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L, T, T - Short-term joint staff training events

L, T, T - Short-term joint staff training events


The 5-days training session will be conducted in two sections and consists of a combination of both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part will provide participants with the state-of-the art on e-learning practices, introduce them with the most common methodologies/frameworks (such as ADDIE, TPCK, etc), and explain where to use which ones, and tools available in the market, and discuss about the existing pedagogies.

Once the trainees complete the theoretical session, they will enrol in the practical session with hands-on activities for the design and development of an online session suitable for HE courses. The trainees will be assigned to an interdisciplinary group and will lead certain tasks according to their area of expertise. Through collaborative work they will explore the best practices and applications embedded in the “OnlineHE Toolkit” of IO1, and apply the ADDIE Model, introduced during the theoretical session, as a medium to co-design, prototype and develop one online session suitable for HE.

Two representatives from all partners (total 12) will participate in the train-the-trainer workshop. Then, the trainers from HE will deliver it in their own institution with 20 participants each. The practical part of the workshop will be completed within two months (2) from the initial start day of the training session.

Even though a detailed programme will be determined during the project, the following is portrayed to frame the following training session.

Theoretical part:

- Introduction to the training session (learning objectives and outcomes);

- The field of e-learning, state-of-the-art, e-learning developments;

- E-learning teaching and learning: best practices in HE;

- Methods and approaches (The ADDIE Model).

Theoretical – practical part:

- Discussion on how to improve online teaching and learning at HE;

- Discussion on how online practices can be integrated in HE courses;

- Exploration of best practices of ‘going online’ on HE teaching and learning;

- Establishment of the interdisciplinary group.

- Interdisciplinary Group work for the design and development of e-learning in a HE course.

- Evaluation of the training session.

The training session will be evaluated by all participants; from national evaluation reports, and will be revised according to the feedback and recommendations received. P2 will develop an overall evaluation report with clear deductions and instructions on how to improve the training programme before it is published.

The OnlineHE Training outcomes will be also evaluated in-depth through the delivery of the MOOC course in IO3 by the end-users ( HE staff and students).