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E6 - LT-Lithuania - OnlineHE Multiplier event in Lithuania

We invited stakeholders to take part in the event by sending emails to the administration of higher education institutions. Interested participants filled in a registration form. More than 60 participants registered, but not all of them attended (some thought the event would be streamed online).

It was attended by over 30 lecturers from various higher education institutions: the Lithuanian Maritime Academy; Lithuanian University of Sport; Mykolas Romeris University; Utena College; Vilnius Academy of Arts; Vilnius College; Vilnius College of Technology and Design. The organisers invited the participants to get acquainted with the results of the project and to participate in the training.

Dr. Saulius Preidys, an expert in e-learning technologies, presented to the participants how to create interactive content with the HP5 tool and how to create customised and effective interactive content elements. He also discussed how AI tools can be used for effective learning and improving the learning experience, and gave a detailed overview of the main advantages and possibilities of AI applications, such as adaptability, personalisation and automation, as well as the potential challenges and problems related to the application of AI in learning processes.

The training was based on the presentation of module material and practical examples. This way, the participants were introduced to the project results.

Project coordinator Lina Vinikienė presented a toolkit for integrating e-learning into the study process in higher education; an e-learning platform and a massive open online course focusing on important e-learning issues and themes, and policy and practice guidelines for integrating e-learning into higher education.


Detailed programme can be found here: Multiplier Event Agenda