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E5 - RS-Serbia - OnlineHE Multiplier event in Serbia

The multiplier event was organised with the aim of introducing the participants to the ONLINEHE project as a whole, as well as to individual project results which could indeed be very valuable to various higher education stakeholders, primarily teachers and study programme designers, andwho can benefit from the different aspects and project results presented during the event.  The multiplier event was held in Belgrade, at the Faculty of Agriculture, and it included 35 higher education stakeholders (professors, teaching assistants, course and programme designers, and decision makers), as well as three event moderators (WEBIN representatives). As previously mentioned, the participants are all higher education stakeholders (teachers, study programme/course designers, and experts in teaching methods/approaches in a traditional classroom). The multiplier event was organised as a one-day event realised in two sessions (the morning and afternoon sessions). The morning session was held in the Congress Hall at the Facultyof Agriculture (first floor), and the afternoon session was held in the Career Development Centreat the Faculty of Agriculture. The event lasted from 10 o´clock in the morning to 14:30 in theafternoon, and it took place on April 3, 2023.


When one takes into consideration participants´ overall feedback, one can assert that the audience present at the multiplier event was generally quite satisfied with the organised event, presented materials and ideas and solutions they were introduced to in the course of this event. They find the overall project outcomes very useful, especially new ideas and approaches to course design, teaching methods and approaches, as well as how to stay protected when resorting to some online sources. One can also emphasise that the most interesting segments of the event were the ones which inspired and motivated further discussion such as presented online assessment solutions (where by opinions ranged from the extremely positive to the extremely sceptical), and safety whenit comes to using external sources when creating one´s teaching content. These appear to be issues which pose the greatest challenges in front of teachers in the online environment and thusthe topics which stir the greatest interest. That being said, it seems that participants find the overall project results quite useful and inspiring, and they intend to revisit the project content inorder to search for further links and information.

Detailed programme can be found here: Multiplier Event Agenda