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IO2. Training course

IO2. Training course

IO2 will offer training to a group of people composed of HE staff, researchers, practitioners, adult educators, learning designers, and university support staff. It aims to support a group of HE professionals to understand all basic elements needed to be able to effectively design, develop and implement innovative and interactive eLearning courses to university students and adults, acknowledging its potential in the HE sector. Through this course, participants will get the opportunity to adapt, adopt and integrate eLearning in HE courses, before introducing them to the wider HE community. This group will serve as the trainers for subsequent scalability of the intervention in HE. Therefore, the model followed is train-thetrainer.

IHU will prepare the guide for the development of the programme, the delivery, and the implementation of the training sessions. All partners will contribute equally to the development of the training programme and to the peer review of the material to be developed.

The training package will equip this group with the proper knowledge and competences following the ADDIE model. The phases of ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation)—represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective online training and performance support tools. The master “trainers” will be trained on how to use the ADDIE model to design eLearning courses and therefore support the integration of meaningful online experiences to HE staff, practitioners, educational technologists, and developers. This part will be developed by all partners.

This 5-day blended learning training session consists of a combination of theoretical and practical parts. Participants will acquire all the knowledge, skills and competences needed for understanding the state-of-the art related how to teach online, review existing tools for eLearning in HE and introduced to suitable methods and pedagogies for the design and development of online courses, including the design, development, and assessment of teaching and learning.

The training sessions will take place during the second F2F meeting followed by a 3day LTTE. Five participants from each partner country will be trained and then, they will return to their countries and deliver the training to at least 25 participants from a university in their country. The main outcome of this training is to empower participants and showcase the way on how they can adopt eLearning for any HE courses. As a result, 5 trainers from each country will be prepared (a total of 60) and then another 20 per country will be trained by the multipliers with a total of 200 academics.

Participants will be introduced to the stages of the ADDIE Model to apply this method in the design of their eLearning courses. All 7 partner countries will design eLearning sessions/ teaching practices (scenarios) in HE courses across various disciplines following the lead partner’s guidelines. IO2 deliverables will be evaluated and practical recommendations for HE implementations will be highlighted in the reporting process.